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Horizontal Scroll: And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places, Thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations, and thou shalt be called The repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in                                                                      Isaiah 58:12






Our Mission

Our mission is to support the continuum of Jewish life in The Czech Republic. By supporting the restoration and preservation of Jewish cemeteries and sites, and assisting the re-emerging Jewish communities on their own path of renewal and growth, we foster a strong, living connection between the rich history of the past, and the challenges of the present. When we reach back, and touch hands with the past, we can look forward with more wholeness to a future bright with possibility. We will work to restore the links that were shattered in the devastation of the Shoah, and by restoring this broken continuity, work toward Tikkun Olam - the repair of the world.   Full Mission Statement

Our Activities

The Czech Heritage Action Initiative works in cooperation with The Federation of Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic as well as the ten individual Jewish communities, Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon, the Chief Rabbi of the Czech Republic, and The Endowment Fund For Holocaust Victims. We work to restore the Jewish cemeteries and synagogues of the Czech Republic, to facilitate contacts between the Jewish Communities of the Czech Republic and those elsewhere in the world, and to assist the re-emerging Czech Jewish communities on their journey of growth and renewal. We can assist individuals, organizations or foundations who wish to support the restoration or preservation of an entire cemetery or a single grave.

Are you:

An individual who traces his or her genealogy to the former Czechoslovakia?

Important Genealogy Links: JewishGen:The Home of Jewish Genealogy. JewishGen®, Inc. is the primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy worldwide. Austria/Czech Special Interest Group

The Czech Heritage Action Initiative can help you to:

●  Gain precise information on the Jewish cemetery and other sites connected to your family's town(s) of origin.

●  Support the restoration, care or maintenance of your cemetery of origin, or, where possible, the specific graves of your ancestors.

A synagogue or Jewish organization with a Memorial Torah Scroll from the Former Czechoslovakia?

Click Here to visit the Memorial Scrolls Trust, and to learn more about the Memorial Scrolls, their rescue, and second chance for life.

The Czech Heritage Action Initiative and our partner organization The Czech Torah Network can help you to:

 Research your Torah's town of origin.

●  Connect with other Synagogues or organizations that have a Memorial Torah Scroll from the same locale.

●  Develop meaningful programming (for all ages) to make a powerful connection to the lost community of which your synagogue or organization are symbolic descendents. (Please see, for example, The Quest for Kolin).

●  Deepen your connection to your "Torah town", and repair the broken continuity wrought in the devastation of the Holocaust by helping to maintain the graves of those who were torn from living memory as their descendents were torn from life.

●  Honor the memory of the members of your "Torah Town" who were deported or killed in the Shoah, and keep their memory alive. We can help you to obtain the names (and often, other information) of victims, and, when possible, to locate survivors.

One of the many people interested in The Czech Republic or Jewish sites in the Czech Republic?

We'd love to hear from you!


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